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Vitamin D3 Jelly Bean Gummies for Kids

Vitamin D3 Jelly Bean Gummies for Kids

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  • VITAMIN D JELLY BEANS FOR CHILDREN The best way for kids to take daily supplements. Our Vitamin D jelly beans are an easy, enjoyable way to enrich your child's nutritional intake, with a delicious Strawberry Blast flavor and unique chewable jelly bean texture.
  • BETTER HEALTH Vitamin D3 has long been known to help the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus
  • two critical nutrients for building a healthy body ! Vitamin D is a nutritional necessity that can help you live an active life.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT An important role for Vitamin D is assisting the immune system, so a yummy supplement of it is a great way to keep kids as healthy as can be! Vitamin D can help minimize sick days and keep your kids happily in school! Many systems in our bodies rely on the essential effects of Vitamin D.
  • CHILDRENS GUMMIES are made to be easy and fun! Suggested intake is two a day, chewed thoroughly and swallowed. Vitamin D Jelly Beans for Kids are kosher, gluten free, vegetarian, halal, and nut free, efficiently enhancing health and daily life.
  • HUMAN BEANZ creates premium, top-quality vitamins with health and convenience in mind. We believe that good health is something we should not only strive for, but also enjoy! Our selection of vitamin jellybeans is sure to provide many excellent and delicious ways to enrich your health and life.

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